S751-RC Reclose Controller

S751-RC Reclose Controller


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AC current inputs

1A Normal: 3A continuous, linear to 5A, 20A for 3s
Burden: 0.1VA @1A 0.3VA @3A
Sensitive Earth Fault (SEF) Channel IN Current Input:
0.05A Normal: 1.5A continuous, linear to 1.5A 10A for 3s
Burden: 0.0015VA @0.05A 0.04VA @1.5A

Vaux Voltage input:

264VL-N continuous (connect any voltage up to 264Vac),440Vac for 1s
Burden: 0.5VA@220V

Power Supply

Rated Range: 18-36Vdc

Trip and Close Outputs:

Rated control capacity:5A,250Vac,5A,30Vdc at 20℃
Contact maximum allowable power:1250VA,150W
Contact maximum allowable Voltage:250Vac,125Vdc(0.2A)
Contact maximum allowable current:5A AC,DC
Rated Power:300mW
Setting time(20℃)<10ms
Reset time(20℃)<5ms

mechanical life 50 million times

Electrical life 100,000 times

Coil specification: (20℃)
Pickup Voltage:24V*80%=19.2V
Dropout Voltage:24V*10%=2.4V

Frequency and Rotation:
System Frequency: 50 or 60Hz
Phase Rotation: ABC, ACB, BAC, BCA, CAB, CBA
Frequency Tracking Range:45~65Hz

Communication Ports:

EIA-232: 1 at the rear
EIA-485: 1 at the rear
RJ45: 1 at the rear,10/100M ethernet Port
Baud Rate: 300~38400 baud
Time-Code Input:

Recloser control accepts demodulated IRIG-B time-code input ant real IRIG-B port.

Running Temperature:

-40℃ to 70℃(No screen), -20℃ to 70℃(With screen)
Note: LCD contrast impaired for temperatures below – 20°C, The entire unit was
operation tested up to +70°C。
Weight: 2kg

Relay Elements:
Instantaneous/Definite-Time Overcurrent Elements (50)

Current Pickup Range (mA Secondary)
1 A Nominal Channel:0.05–20.00 A, 0.01 A steps
SEF (0.05 A IN) Channel:l0.005–1.500 A, 0.001 A steps
Steady-State Pickup Accuracy
A Nominal Channel: ±0.01 A, ±3%

SEF (0.05 A IN) Channel: ±0.001 A, ±5%
Transient Overreach: ±5% of pickup
Time Delay: 0.00–600000ms, 5ms steps
Timer Accuracy: ±5ms,±0.1%
Time-Overcurrent Elements (51)

1 A Nominal Channel:0.05–20.00 A, 0.01 A steps
SEF (0.05 A IN) Channel:0.005–1.500 A, 0.001 A steps
Steady-State Pickup Accuracy
A Nominal Channel: ±0.01 A, ±3%
SEF (0.05 A IN) Channel: ±0.001 A, ±5%
Transient Overreach: ±5% of pickup
Time Dials: 0.00–32000ms, 5ms steps
Timer Accuracy: ±5ms,±0.1%

Under- (27x)/Overvoltage (59x) Elements

Pickup Ranges (V Primary)
Various Elements: 0.0–500.0 V, 0.1 V steps
Elements: 0.00–520.00 V, 0.01 V steps
Steady-State Pickup Accuracy: ±5%
Transient Overreach: ±5%,±0.1%
Under- (27)/Overvoltage (59) Elements LEA

7 V LEA Maximum: 7 VL-N continuous (connect any voltage up to 7 Vac, with
allowance for surge):16.5V(Peak Value) Vac for 1 seconds.
Burden: Relay Input Z = 1 M?
Common Mode Voltage Operation: 3 Vac
Without Damage: 10 Vac(Peak Value)

Synchronism-Check Elements (25)

Pickup Ranges (V Secondary)
Slip Frequency Pickup Range: 0.005–0.500 Hz, 0.001 Hz steps
Slip Frequency Pickup Accuracy: ±0.003 Hz
Phase Angle Range: 0–80°, 1° steps
Transient Accuracy: ±4°

Under-/Overfrequency Elements (81)

Frequency: 45.00–65.00 Hz, 0.01 Hz steps
Time Delays: 0.00–600000ms, 5ms steps
Timer Accuracy: ±5ms,±0.1%
Metering Accuracy

Current :0.5%
Auxiliary Voltage: 0.5%
LEA Voltage: 0.5%
Power:1%(P,Q and S)
Phase Angle Accuracy: ±1.0°
Note: Accuracies are specified at 20°C and at nominal system frequency unless
noted otherwise.


Address:3/F, Building B, NO.39 NanYun San Road, Science City, Guangzhou, China

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